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IET for Pets Home Study Course

IET for Pets Home Study Course

$ 65.00

Please call 845-657-7720 if you are interested in this product.

This IET for Pets home study course teaches you how to work with cats, dogs, and horses. It includes an "IET Guide for Working with Pets" as well as a 3 CD audio set by IET founder Stevan Thayer covering the soul's mission of these pets, their cellular memory areas, the location of their integration points, a home practice session for each pet, and a certificate. Listen to the CD's while you follow along in the manual. CE hours are not available for this home study course.
Note: You must have taken the Basic Level class to buy this home study course. These 3 CD's (cat, dog, horse) cannot be purchased separately. Each CD is approx 45-60 min.
To purchase please contact Barbara Stepniak at (845) 657-7220 or email her

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