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Step 2: Activating Your 12-Strand DNA Download

Step 2: Activating Your 12-Strand DNA Download

$ 12.00

Join Stevan as he uses the power of the IET energy ray to activate your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA and bring you into alignment with the very mission of your soul. 

Master-Instructor Stevan J. Thayer conducted a workshop at the American Society of Dowsers National Convention held in June 2000,  in which he used the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master-Instructor IET energy rays to create a 12-Strand DNA activation.  (Please note this activation is not the same as, or a replacement for the powerful alignment and restructuring one receives as part of an IET attunement).  The 12-Strand DNA activation workshop audio program not only contains the lecture give by Stevan, but also contains the activation energy. Anyone listening to this audio program will receive the same 12-Strand DNA energy activation as did the students attending the workshop.  Stop dreaming the dream and start living the dream!

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