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Basic Level Practice CD

Basic Level Practice CD

$ 12.00

Please call 845-657-7720 if you are interested in this product.

Narrated by Stevan Thayer, this CD is approximately 75 minutes long, and guides you or your student from the initial discussion with a client to the final balancing and grounding. Full guidance on establishing a heartlink and bringing down an angelic starburst of energy is given. One is guided through the complete basic treatment of each of the 9 cellular memory areas. Each area is on a separate track, so you can skip to a specific track/area if desired (as a reminder of one particular area).  Full instructions for finding and using the Integration points are provided.

Note: you must have taken the Basic Level class to order this CD.

To purchase please contact Barbara Stepniak at (845) 657-7220 or email her

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